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New Book

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new book by our Professor Cyrus Malekout (Honoris Causa).

Cyrus Malekout. My Skyway. Poetry. 2018, 128 pages. ISBN 978-619-91063-1-0.

We wish him every success with this creative work and any other books which will follow.

Cyrus Malekout. My Skyway. Words of author:
In my view, anyone who wishes to compose poetry should be encouraged to do so because it has an intrinsic value. I also believe that poetry should primarily be written for the author’s satisfaction, regardless of whether or not it may please others. Poetic moods, pace and flavours have deep meaning and emotional value to the writer. Since first writing in the early 1980s I have used it as a hobby and therapeutic medium to help me to overcome life’s negatives and celebrate the positives. With praise from those close to me, I went on to write more over the decades and now to finally publish. My social, family and educational background coupled with my life experiences provided the material and tools to produce this book. These poems should entertain and be a thought-provoking collection stimulating the imagination and allowing feelings beyond day to day reality. Poetic imagery and its interpretation will vary according to the individual reader. It may be read out loud with whatever emphasis or intonation comes to mood or mind but the natural rhythm may flow for those who can feel a meaning. I thank my talented illustrator/photographer Sharmz who created every accompanying visual element, and my kind, generous publishers Skyway Publications for allowing me to experience this precious moment in my life.